Videos Being Censored? Slow Webinar Videos?

We looks like we no longer live in a free speech society, doesn’t it? If you speech goes against any strong agenda and if your speech, video, comment or opinion goes against pre-established rules, your video will most likely get censored and taken down from the major video website and possibly from major social media sites as well.

Why? It might not be for sinister or evil reason. I believe that major outlets do not want to be associated with anything to goes against major power players in the world of politics and especially now, in the world of coronavirus crisis.  What happens is that some opinions and videos may end being associated with these outlets because they are hosting such videos. If a lawsuit happens, these media outlets do not want to be dragged into it.

It’s more convenient and probably less risky to take down a controversial video than have to monitor comments or become a source where millions of people go to watch or comment on controversial videos. Some conspiracy theorist may say that they are blocking freedom of speech. I don’t think so, especially if you are not paying for the service you are trying to execute freedom of speech on. Does that make sense?  If it’s free, yes, they can take your video down anytime because they own it.  If your video causes advertisers to complain, yes, they will take your video down.

So what are your supposed to do. It’s not that hard to go around this problem. Simply upload your videos to your own channel, hosted on a super fast cloud network and then share your link wherever you can. The videos will not only be 100% under YOUR control, but they will also load much faster without intrusive ads as you see on YouTube.

It’s a much better experience for your viewers and your videos are also mobile phone friendly!

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