My Take On The COVID-19 Crisis

Do you really think that world leaders would isolate everyone because of a virus that globally affects less than 1% of the population and seemingly kills less people than car accidents and the flu? Are there other motives behind this crisis? Maybe. There are a number of so-called conspiracy theories floating around the Internet, many allegedly removed from YouTube and Facebook.

It’s surprising that some of these theories are fueled by actual doctors and scientists with impressive credentials.,  Some even link  covid-19 to the upcoming 5G. How? The notion is that 5G alters our organisms at the cellular level in such a way that it makes it possible for the corona virus and other pathogens to cause flu like symptoms that can lead people with weak immune systems to sickness and death. Scary thought.  Instead of people dying from the effects of stronger 5G electromagnetic fields, the theory is that all deaths will be attributed to the coronavirus.

Some say that Bill Gates has several patents on the covid-19. Maybe because it’s a common virus? Who patents a virus that eventually becomes a worldwide pandemic?  Maybe there is a reasonable explanation for this. Maybe Bill Gates himself can explain why such patents exist? Ask him.

Re-opening businesses? In order to release some mounting pressure, states have decided to gradually open up some businesses like restaurants, hair salons, gyms, fitness centers, etc. I don’t think states required these business to close down in the first place, did they? Anyway, while infection cases have increased, it looks like a bad idea to have people gather again. What’s going to happen when someone coughs a few times 6 feet away from you? Corona or regular cough? What about when the server coughs even wearing a mask?  Will you feel uncomfortable? Will they ask a coughing customer to leave the establishment at his anniversary dinner?

Psychologically, many can’t stand being home any longer. Financially, most can’t afford to. Evictions will begin to soar if people can’t pay the rent or go back to a job, if such job even exists at this point.  Health or the pocketbook? Americans in general will not just sit home and not work. Families to feed and bills to pay are the motivators. The next motivator is a sense of constitutional freedoms.

Regardless of the motivator, it’s a consensus that people want to be out and about and resume normal lives like before.  Because only a small percentage of people actually gets sick with the coronavirus, there is a general false sense of security amongst the population.

We never think that we can be part of  the unlucky 1%, or  the over 206,000 deaths that have been registered since the crisis began.  What do you do with millions of people who are unemployed and unable to provide for themselves and their families? Free food? Government assistance? Unemployment compensation? What happens when these benefits  run out? Chaos.

Let’s say only 1% died, worldwide. That’s 78 Million people! Most with hopes and dreams just like the rest of us. Nobody in their sound mind wants to be a virus victim. How many would be infected, contagious and asymptomatic?

Quarantine is critical and necessary.

Through exponential contagion, millions could infect millions very similarly to the flu. Without a vaccine, this could go on and on with hundreds, perhaps thousands dying each week as the coronavirus is allegedly more contagious than the regular flu. We are currently counting deaths every 24 hours even though nobody has actually seen a procession of coffins and mortuaries seem awfully quiet throughout all of this. Apparently, most bodies are cremated anyway. The relatives of over 57,900 dead in the USA and tens of thousands more overseas seem awfully quiet about the loss and fate of their loved ones. Except for token articles here and there, the families seem to be very reticent.

Who wants to risk catching corona in public, at school and work, bring it home to family members that are vulnerable, even if it’s just 1%? We now know that the virus does not discriminate based on age, and similar to the  seasonal flu, younger and healthier people are more likely to fight it off even without displaying symptoms.

Yet, they can still be contagious to others that’s why schools closed down. While school age kids may not get infected, they can still infect teachers and staff.  Closed High School classrooms with one teachers seeing at least 100-300 students per day. Not a good set up if you ask me.

Instead of focusing on fears and anxieties, how about focusing on diet, mediation, positive mindset, nutrition and exercise instead? What about countries that now have no restrictions? Commendable, but you must ask: how educated and disciplined is that country’s population in washing hands, keeping social distancing, hygiene, cleanliness, nutrition, health, etc.?

You should also ask: how healthy is that country’s population in general compared to your country?

The USA has an alarming 50% obesity rate, millions with high blood pressure, millions of older and vulnerable people, millions suffer from asthma, heart, lung disease and diabetes.

Most of these people should be consuming healthier foods and supplements. It’s all readily available!

How many are smokers? How many with HIV, cancers and other immune system disorders? I think that millions in the USA wouldn’t even wash their hands as instructed or obey social distancing as evidenced by crowds in supermarkets and protests.

How many are just defiant? How many don’t even care that there’s a coronavirus crisis going on?

That’s why it wouldn’t be prudent letting everyone get back to work or school while the number of cases, hospitalizations and deaths are still increasing! Irresponsible and careless people in America can infect rule abiding citizens.

What works for one may not necessarily work for another and every decision must be based on data and not on guesses, optimism and wishful thinking. Just because we are not sick ourselves, it doesn’t mean others near us aren’t carriers. Nobody who gets infected sees the virus from 6 feet away!

Testing is critical or we could potentially have millions of asymptomatic people infecting that 1% that can die!

Is there more to this crisis that the public doesn’t know about? Possibly.

Is China being held accountable for what’s happening in the world?  Should it? Shout it at least issue an apology?

I know there are millions of very nice Chinese people that don’t eat live insects and cute animals and who are people just like the rest of us. In fact many tried to warn the world about corona before it became a crisis!

If the isolation and unemployment continues, people in America will rebel, disobey social distancing rules and complain about their rights. Why? Because of money, bills to pay, rent and mortgage payments, food, insurance, utilities, etc. Protests will simply put protestors at risk of infection. Most of them don’t even wear masks!

Not all people can be comfortable in isolation if they risk losing the home or apartment they live in for non-payment. It’s hard being jobless and depleted savings.

Civil unrest in very possible if the crisis prolongs. Summer is coming and people want to enjoy it, even with the risk of infection. As winter approaches in South America, I predict that the number of cases in Brazil will explode with a huge conflict:. Brazil’s President urging people to go back to work and health officials saying it’s not safe.

I also predict that working-from-home jobs will be more common than ever before. Less vehicle emissions pollution, less traffic, less commuting, food and childcare costs, and more productivity. Those who still prefer to be in an office environment will probably notice some physical changes in their conference rooms and office space to accommodate social distancing. The days of the coworker coughing around during a shift is over. He or she will be sent home. Ideally, if a person is coughing, they shouldn’t be coming to work in the first place. Something that was not a problem predating the corona crisis.

(Illustration credit: David Dee’s)