Many People Defy COVID-19 Social Guidelines

Every time I read the news, there is always two schools of thought: those who want to stay home and those who don’t.

Many health experts urge leaders to exercise caution as COVID-19 isn’t really slowing down to a level where it’s comfortable.

A few doctors have voiced their opinions through videos stating the pandemic lockdowns was overreaction. Who to believe?

The overall consensus is that this pandemic is overrated and it’s histeria destroying the economy over just a very small percentage of people “that would die anyway” says my friend.

Does this sound cold?  To some yes, especially if they lost a family member to the coronavirus.  Today, it’s not an issue of what is right and what is wrong but who is right and who is wrong. It’s even become politicized.

The pressure to open the economy seem to trump – no pun intended- the lives of unfortunate very sick people that ends up attached to ventilators and dying.

Many believe COVID-19 is overrated when contrasted against typical causes of death.

Unless COVID-19 begins to kill as many people as heart disease does, I don’t think people will comply with any strict health regulations.

For now, I think millions of Americans will gather at whatever businesses reopen, many refusing to wear masks and these folks will try to live a normal life just like before the pandemic.

Is it safe? Time will tell.

If the coronavirus  is indeed everything health experts say it is, inevitably, more and more people will die from it. Sadly some businesses do not enforce the rules either:

If there is a huge surge, we will all know that re-opening the economy too soon was a really bad idea. If there is no doomsday chaos and the number of  COVID-19 cases and deaths turn out to be average this Fall, then people will go about their lives as they did before, not worrying and being happy.

For those that are under more strict rules, I think that street protests will emerge like a few in Poland already have.

We will just have to wait and see what happens.