It’s Summer: Hike For Great Health!

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Do you go hiking?

I don’t know about you but I am not a skier so winters and cold weather don’t mean much to me. I am a beach and nature kind of guy. I want sunshine, I want water, lakes, oceans, seafood, shady trails in the mountains, pure air in the higher altitudes, creeks, melting snow. That’s when I feel more alive, away from the city and closer to Nature.

Hiking is a great form of aerobic exercise. It oxygenates your blood, expands your lungs and improves your cardio a lot faster than dull treadmills breathing other people’s carbon monoxide.

If you have friend that also enjoy hiking, it’s a great way to spend time together and explore the many trails, at least in Utah but I am sure there are great trails everywhere in this huge country.

Dress appropriately, pack right and go enjoy life! 

I am a beginner hiker and I am using it to lose weight and to improve my cardio performance.

It’s not like I am 25 anymore and the older you get the more active you need to become.  Ask your doctor and check with him or her first before you engage in strenuous exercise to make sure you heart and circulatory system is in adequate shape to handle the stress.  Start with slow, easy hikes. Join a hiking group off or go solo. The important thing is to get started.

If you get tired or out of breath, don’t hesitate to take a break, enjoy nature and then continue. That’s perfectly alright until you have conditioned your body to go a little farther and a little steeper.

Make sure you’ve read all about hiking safety, obey posted signs and watch for wild animals.

Life is a long hike with ups and downs anyway, right?