Many People Defy COVID-19 Social Guidelines

Every time I read the news, there is always two schools of thought: those who want to stay home and those who don’t. That’s not only happening here but in Europe and other parts of the world as well. While I read about health experts urging leaders to exercise caution as COVID-19 isn’t really slowing down to a level where it’s comfortable, millions of people simply “don’t care” as one of my friends puts it. 

Could COVID-19 Be Airborne?

There are speculations and studies to learn more about the possibility that Covid-19 could actually be airborne in aerosol form and potentially spread to hosts that way. There is no definitive answer, but if it is, we have additional challenges ahead, especially with the idea of re-opening the economy by sending people back to work. I would hate to be a guinea pig in these experiments of social distancing and masks.  There is no guarantee that 6 feet is going to keep anyone 100% safe and if the mask isn’t of the highest filtration quality, at least a N95 grade, there is no guarantee of anything.

Videos Being Censored? Slow Webinar Videos?

We looks like we no longer live in a free speech society, doesn’t it? If you speech goes against any strong agenda and if your speech, video, comment or opinion goes against pre-established rules, your video will most likely get censored and taken down from the major video website and possibly from major social media sites as well.