America’s Anxiety For A Normal Life

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The now practice of keeping businesses closed and Americans isolated at home in the interest of public safety damages the economy and it causes anxiety on millions of people because they long for a normal life, especially as summer is approaching, the consensus is that everyone wants to put this coronavirus crisis behind them and go do fun summer things with friends and family, go shopping, go to concerts, sports events and all the fun things that make  life more exciting than sitting at home watching Netflix, playing video games, yard work, house cleaning, cooking, etc. Except, there will be no concerts, 4th of July parades, no events, no conventions, etc.

Americans can tolerate 4-6 weeks of isolation but then after that, in my opinion, they won’t do it. Too much anxiety, increase in domestic violence and even an increase in divorce filings. Are we just spoiled? Yes and no.  One of the main reasons why people want to get out is MONEY. Nearly 25,000,000 people have lost their jobs and are living off unemployment compensation assistance which is not typically a full salary and bills are falling behind and there is fear of not being able to pay the rent or mortgage and end up being evicted, homeless or having to go live with relatives. If such relatives are over 65 or older, going to live with them risks them getting sick and not recovering!

While people are required to wear masks in public places and unlike other countries, nobody is enforcing anything. In fact, when you go out shopping for groceries, social distancing is a joke and so is wearing masks. Some people simply don’t care to wear them or to distance themselves. It’s as if nothing was really going on. The rules applies to some but not to all  In America.  There isn’t a vaccine for stupidity either. You really think that EVERYONE is washing their hands?  You think that EVERYONE is keeping social distancing?  Think again.

The idea of opening up businesses gradually so the economy doesn’t die a slow death is also another issue. How can you open things up when the number of cases are increasing? Unless there is a home test hooked up to a database, where people don’t cheat, everyone is at risk, especially by those who have no symptoms but can pass the virus on to others.

There is also this idea that corona is overblown propaganda with some  hidden motives. Lots of conspiracy theories are out there, including but not limited to 5G. Nobody has been held accountable for the disease, the deaths, the trillions of dollars in costs.

Is the virus real? Most people don’t know anyone who has coronavirus FOR SURE or who have died from it, FOR SURE. This gives the population a false sense of security.  Most people have not attended funerals as most bodies are allegedly cremated.  You do not see families crying and mourning for loved one lost to coronavirus, so all you know about the deaths is what you see on the Internet.  You would think that with over 52,000 deaths, then 52,000 families would be protesting, ranting or expressing themselves online. Nope. Everyone is quiet as if nobody had died.

We live in very strange times. It’s hard to discern truth from lies, fact from fake news or fiction.  The mainstream media controls the narrative. The crap will hit the fan especially when people run out of money, food and shelter.  It could turn into chaos and they will scream and yell, and protest that they want to go back to work. Assuming there will be actual work for them to go back to because by then many companies will have failed and shut down altogether.

All this will have a mental health impact on millions of people.  My guess is that many people will begin to live in denial of the reality at hand and will defy any stay-at-home orders and go out anyway because it is unlikely that the police will be able to do anything about it.

The good thing is that working-from-home will be more common for specific industries, allowing people to save on commute time, gasoline, food and exposure to sick co-workers, whether it’s corona, flu or the common cold. More productive time and less aggregations. Of course, many employers will want to reduce lease costs if there is no need to have dozens or even hundreds of workers occupying space.

My guess is that the corona virus crisis will totally outlive this summer and will go past Christmas. Life will not be the same despite wishful thinking by millions who want the current reality to be temporary. A vaccine is months away and who knows how reliable it will be.  According to many, the coronavirus crisis is an 18-month or longer issue.  Just pray that there is no second wave of this virus. Had it been more lethal, the world would not have been prepared.

The saddest thing of all is to assume that people will keep social distancing, wear masks and wash their hands. That’s just an assumption and not something based on fact because there is no one monitoring any of this, at least not yet.

Will there be a vaccine? Most likely and lots of money to be made with it. But who wants to be poked without knowing what’s being injected into them? Or even if it will work. Who do you trust on this? What happens to people who refuse to be vaccinated for any number of legal or personal reasons?  They won’t be allowed to work? Go to school? Be out in society?  This whole thing may only be the tip of the corona iceberg. Stay tuned. It’s really not over.